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Do you have old, worn out, or rotting windows? It may be time for replacement windows by LaMere Construction. At LaMere we have over 20 years of experience in installing many different brands of replacement windows. Call and talk to Bob Seagren, our residential window expert, or email him today here.

As with any construction materials, technology in windows has advanced rapidly in the last 15 years or so. With the recent focus on energy efficiency and environment, window manufacturers have focused their efforts on energy efficiency and have developed manufacturing methods to make affordable, energy efficient windows. Also, new technology in glass coatings can help prevent carpet and upholstery fading from sun light. With all the new advances in technology, window replacement can really give you a return on your investment.

LaMere Construction Prefers Working with Lansing Building Products Windows. Visit Their Window Site to Learn More!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does LaMere Construction Prefer Lansing Windows?

Lansing Building Products is an Independent Building Products Distributor. That means Lansing is not owned by a manufacturer and is positioned with more choices and alternatives than a single brand, manufacturer owned warehouse. Lansing has its own stringent requirements that must be met before a product is certified Lansing Building Product. At LaMere we have found over 20 years that Lansing Windows provide the best cost/benefit ratio.

Why should I go with LaMere Construction rather than with a larger chain?

LaMere Construction is a small, local, owner-operated company that focuses on personal service. We treat each project we do with the utmost care and stand by our work. To us, our customers are not just “a number”. Plus, our prices are just as competitive as the big guys! 

Why shouldn’t I just buy the cheapest vinyl window I can find?

A cheap vinyl window has potential to cause huge issues to a home and the buyer. Most of those products are made with inferior vinyl compositions mixed with recycled vinyl. This results in low quality working parts that tend to break after a few years. This can lead to water damage, poor insulation, and other issues.


For any other questions or concerns please call (612) 788-7273 and ask for Bob Seagren or email him here.

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